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  1. TG7030NS

    Non-Silicone, Heat Sink, Water-Washable Thermally Conductive Grease 

    • Meets MIL-DTL-47113D
    • RoHs Compiant 


    Potential Uses:

    1. Effective Thermal Coupler for any heat sink device, CPU to heatsink
    2. Temperture sensors
    3. Thermal Joints
    4. Hardware
    5. Telecommuncations
    6. Automotive temperature-sensing devices
    7. Power Transistors


    See TDS for more potential uses. 

    Product Specs

    • Volume Resistivity: 2.3 x 10^12
    • Open Time: N/A
    • Cure Schedule: N/A
    • Mix Ratio: N/A
    • Viscosity: Paste

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